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Toyota's Youth Safe Driving Initiative 

Automaker Offering Safe Driving Classes For Younger Drivers Across The Country

Toyota is doing more than just saying they support safe driving, they're taking the next step.  

Toyota continues to offer its FREE advanced teen driving skills program, “Toyota Driving Expectations.”  Since 2004, more than 14,000 teens and parents have been educated and empowered to become safer drivers, as well as learn firsthand about the dangers of distracted driving.

In today's technology driven society, distracted driving is becoming more of an issue.  In an effort to prepare young drivers with crucial safety knowledge, Toyota Driving Expectations goes beyond what is taught in standard driver education classes, putting teens behind the wheel to face challenging, real-world scenarios in a secure environment.

The classes focus on these specific situations:

  • Learn defensive driving skills and accident avoidance techniques
  • Identify the dangerous driving situations that they encounter daily
  • Understand vehicle dynamics and safety features
  • Experience firsthand the dangers of distracted driving and understand the relationship between distraction and reaction time

“Toyota is dedicated to supporting both teens and parents in developing safe, responsible driving habits and protecting them on the road,” said Michael Rouse, Toyota’s vice president of philanthropy and community affairs.

Beginning with the October events, Toyota Driving Expectations will be presented in cooperation with long-time partner Bass Pro Shops.  Given that, there are no current plans for a safe drivin class in the Buffalo area.  Should that change, West Herr is the place to check for all things Toyota in Buffalo. 


Syracuse Testing Out Prius Plug Ins

Toyota Chooses Central New York For Year Long Test On New Hybrids

If you're in Syracuse, keep an eye out for Toyota Prius plug in hybrids on the street.  The automaker recently delivered 6 Prius hybrids for a year long test in the Central New York city. 

The project is part of a partnership of Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc., Clean Communities of Central New York, Syracuse University, the Syracuse Center of Excellence and CuseCar, a Syracuse not-for-profit car-sharing service.

On electric power, the Prius plug-in hybrid has a range of 13 miles at speeds up to 62 mph . When the power runs out, it runs as a conventional Prius hybrid.

The cars can be charged in a just over three hours using wit a 110-volt outlet, said Barry Carr, coordinator of Clean Communities of Central New York, the local chapter of the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program. A 220-volt outlet will shorten the charging time to 1.5 hours.

Jaycie Chitwood, future fuels and environmental strategy manager for Toyota, said Syracuse was chosen for its partnerships and the reach and scope they bring. The project partners can expedite the public acceptance of alternative fuel vehicles through community outreach and education.

"We need partners on the ground who can help spread the message,'' Chitwood told Syracuse.com.

So who gets to drive the cars? SU, the Center of Excellence and CuseCar will have two plug-in hybrid Priuses each. The drivers will rotate every two months to give Toyota sufficient data about how each person uses the car differently. Toyota plans to post the data on the Internet.

Anyone who becomes a member of CuseCar can drive the cars, said Vita DeMarchi, co-founder and director. Membership plans start at $18 a month, plus an hourly usage rate.

The move is in preparation for a full 2012 launch.  600 vehicles total are being tested around the world with 153 of them in the U.S.


Chat With Toyota

Automaker Taking Questions, Offering Full Transparency

If you've got something to say to Toyota, they're listening.  The automaker has been very active in direct social media responses, as is evidenced by tomorrow's open Twitter chat with Steve St. Angelo, Chief Quality Officer. 

"Safety, quality and the satisfaction of our customers will always be at the core of everything we do at Toyota," St. Angelo said. 

One look at the Toyota Twitter page shows it's clear they value customer input and response highly.  They respond to multiple customer questions and comments daily, and always follow up. Here's just a small sample:

In addition, consumers can reach Toyota media executives through their personal accounts as opposed to the main Toyota account. 

Tomorrow's chat with St. Angelo will be an open forum but will specifcially focus on quality and safety.  This is not the first of such discussions.   Recently safety executive Dino Triantafyllos spoke to Digg about Toyota's improvements in responsiveness and overall customer service. 

In terms of safety, Toyota has much to discuss.  They invest over $1 million per hour on research and development to enhance the safety and technology of their vehicles.  Plus, no other brand has more 2010 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Picks than Toyota.

Toyota is also the only auto manufacturer to include the Star Safety System as a standard feature on all their vehicles.  For a quick primer on the Star Safety System, take a look at this video available on Toyota America's Youtube channel:

To talk safety, quality or anything else related, visit Toyota's Twitter page tomorrow at 11 AM eastern time. 

For Toyota questions in the Buffalo area, visit WestHerrToyota.com to get started, or just come by our Orchard Park or Williamsville location.   


Toyota Ad Represents Changes For Minivans

"Swagger Wagon" Campaign Shows Shift in Demographics

Fair or not, minivans had certain stigma attached to them.  The idea of "soccer parents" carting around a family or carrying groceries was the label of a minivan consumer.  However, a new ad campaign from Toyota is aiming to change the way people look at minivan customers. 

A series of ads for the Toyota Sienna, dubbed "The Swagger Wagon", depicts a family (the Sienna Family) cracking jokes and enjoying themselves. One ad in particular has the Mom and Dad rapping about parental safety. 

The video has gained press and over four million hits on Youtube.  See the ad here: 

Other companies are following Toyota's lead.  Recently Dodge announced a special edition of the Grand Caravan minivan that will be sportier and geared towards men.  Honda's 2010 Odyssey minivan was also redesigned to look more "athletic." 

Minivans, with their sliding doors, roomy interiors and low center of gravity, offer convenience and safety -- and new models include entertainment systems that keep children occupied during long trips.

"For the family, it's very convenient," said David Dutch, a natural gas trader who bought a fully loaded Chrysler Town & Countr River Oaks Chrysler Jeep in Houston.  Dutch's comments originally appeared in a Detroit News article.

In designing the new models, automakers are trying to appeal to a wider audience -- and retain their traditional buyers: young families, followed by empty-nesters who are often grandparents.

Wherever the minvan market ends up, West Herr will be on top of it.  For minivans in Western New York, visit us online today. 


How Women Can Boost The Auto Indsutry

Research Says The Female Demographic Holds Key To Car Sales

Women are flocking back to auto showrooms, and car dealers couldn't be happier.  A recent article by CNW Research shows that women could help provide big numbers in the auto industry. 

"If the first quarter of 2010 is an indication, women are returning to the new-car market and improving the chances for the industry to surpass a 12.25 million sales year," explained Art Spinella, president of CNW Research.

In 2009, during he height of the recession, women made up 32% of showroom traffic.  In 2006 that number was up to 45%.  Early 2010 numbers show that women are close to 45% again. If this trend continues, then the auto industry can expect numbers to rise.

Manufacturer deals made March a strong month.  In particular, Toyota, Ford and GM were the big winners according to a recent US News and World Report article.  Their aggressive financing offers are credited for the success. 

Locally, the West Herr Auto group is experiencing record numbers in 2010.  March was one of the best months in the group's history and April is already off to a big start.  The manufacturer deals and the spring season are considered part of the factors for high sales in the Buffalo area.

"March was just a monster month for us overall," said Pete Small, West Herr's advertising director. 

As with any car buyer, safety is an issue.  CNW's research shows that women value more practical qualities in a car while tend to value more stylistic attributes.  CNW says that more women are looking more at fuel economy, something that many Toyota and Ford models are known for. 

"The manufacturer incentives are really driving our numbers," Small said.  "We are seeing a higher percentage of women in our showrooms, but clearly our traffic is increased overall."

Between manufacturer deals and the rise in the female demographic, auto dealers everywhere have reason to be happy. 



West Herr's North Town Toyota Dealer is setting sales records

With Low Lease Payments, West Herr Toyota is Selling More than ever.

West Herr's Newest North Town LocationBefore we opened our new North Town Toyota dealership in Williamsville NY we were amazed by how many customers were driving all the way to our South town location on Southwestern Blvd. So when the opportunity come up to purchase Culligan Toyota on Main St. in Williamsville, West Herr knew it would be great for our north town customers.

Since then we have moved into a brand new building adjacent, and have increased the Toyota inventory. Even in the winter, we have been setting sales and leasing records, thanks to the inexpensive leasing programson Toyota's right now.

"From the moment you walk in our front door, we will notice that this is not a typical Buffalo Toyota Dealership. You will see smiling faces, experiencekind treatment and most important, receive an amazing price." Said Beth Hollis, General Manager at the opening event seen on Channel 4 news in December.

So if you are in the area of Main and Transit, stop in and see our Newest Toyota Dealer in the North Towns, West Herr Toyota of Williamsville. See short video about this West Herr location



F150, Tundra and Ridgeline Number 1 Trucks by JD Power.

2009 F150 1st Place in JD Power StudyJD Power and Associates have ranked both the 2009 Ford F-150 and 2009 Toyota Tundra as the number one trucks based on initial quality.

2009 Totyota Tundra Ties for 1st place in studyThe trucks tied for first place in a new owner survey. Ford Group Vice President, Bennie Fowler commented "“Back in the design phase we were already thinking about quality,” Fowler said. “We did a series of virtual prove-outs [in computers] that simulated bringing the F-150 out of design and into production on the assembly line”.

2009 Honda Ridgeline number 1 in midsize trucks.The 2009 Honda Ridgeline took the Midsize pickup truck category.

The 2009 study covers a total of 228 total problems, and organizes them into the following eight categories:

  • Exterior
  • The Driving Experience
  • Features/Controls/Displays
  • Audio/Entertainment/Navigation
  • Seats
  • HVAC, or Climate Controls
  • Interior
  • Engine/Transmission

The vehicles with the lowest number of problems per 100 as reported by their owners, wins.




West Herr sells the most #1 cars on J.D. Powers Study

West Herr Has most #1 cars acording to J.D. Powers Study. Most are in stock and available for express delivery.

"Vehicles we carry are highlighted in yellowThe initial quality of vehicles has continued to improve, according to the 2009 Initial Quality Study by J. D. Power & Associates that was released last week. In fact, it improved 8 percent when compared with 2008, with Toyota models topping this year’s study.

The study, which grades automakers on the number of problems per 100 vehicles, found that the industry average for all vehicles was 108 problems per 100 vehicles, down from 118 in 2008."

Source NY Times



2010 3rd generation Prius is here!

Have you seen the new 2010 Prius? It is amazing. (read a review)

What's New for 2010

2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid 3rd GenThe 2010 Toyota Prius has been fully redesigned. In this third-generation model the new features include more power, better fuel economy and sleeker styling. The new enhanced steering feel makes it feel larger and more conventional interior controls makes for a normilized driving experience in this ultimate high tech car.

What we like:

2010 Prius available at West Herr Toyota Williamsville and Toyota Orchard ParkThe Gas mileage is the main reason to look at the Prius with up to 50 mpg (reported by Toyota) this car is a real fuel saver. We also like the Parking Assist feature, which uses a type of sonar to line up and park the Prius between other cars... Amazing.

But most of all we like the redesigned look and feel of the 2010 Prius.


Toyota's Prius Site

Toyota Prius Hybrid in Stock

West Herr Toyota Home Page


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