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The Smartphone Car Alarm 

Intel Working On Gamechanging Car Security Technology 

Right now when you lock your car and walk away, that's pretty much that.  You really have no way to keep an eye on your vehicle after you step away.  Intel is working on solving that.  

While usually a strong player in the computer game, Intel are currently working on a technology that would allow an in-car security system to alert car owners via smartphone of any suspicious activity around their vehicles.  Great idea right?  

However, the technology goes further than just monitoring.

The system also includes in-built cameras that allow the car's owner to see exactly what's happening in real-time, and to snap stills and video footage to give to the police if required.  Very impressive.  

A further use of this technology could be to connect data to the manufacturer, so drivers can be alerted for performance or maintenance issues.  

No timeline for the release is set, but we are pumped to see this one in action.  Stay tuned for the latest news in car technology!