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Ford Fusion Looks To Retain Car of The Year Title

Ford's New Features Look To Maintain High Standards Set by 2010 Fusion

The Ford Fusion was named 2010 car of the year by Motortrend.  The 2011 Fusions will hit showrooms in late fall early/winter and Ford is looking to raise the bar set by the last model while also improving on what worked in the first place. 

The economically friendly display on the Ford Fusion

Motortrend called the 2010 Fusion "an economical midsize sedan that doesn't cost much, yet won't bore you to tears."  It certainly wont.  The Fusion Hybrid model earned praise for more than just fuel economy. 

Aside from it's 41-mpg fuel rating, the Fusion offers other features that set it apart from other hybrids, specifically the display options that will actually show users how they can improve their fuel efficiency.  

The SmartGauge with EcoGuide dual LCD cluster has taken the notion of hybrid driver interfaces to a new level. If you choose, a function named Empower will train you to drive more economically, by the adding or taking away green-leaf icons on the display. It's fun and intuitive, and information such as the state of the batteries' charge and current fuel mileage is displayed in an easy-to-read, attractive way.

In terms of safety, the Fusion excels as well, aside from the standard features, Ford is offering safety add ons that helped Fusion win the 2010 car of the year award.  Customers can order a rearview camera system, as well as a Blind Spot Information System that warns you when another vehicle is hiding in your blind spot. 

The 2011 Fusions will not see any drastic changes, but Ford certainly will look to make improvements.  Automobile.com recently offered a quick preview saying:

The exterior was given a nicer look, while the interior, which has always been spacious, was given some ergonomic improvements and the addition of the Ford Sync system. 

The Sync system is a new feature available through Ford only. It allows users to use their voice to control multiple devices including phones and ipods.  Hands free calling, 911 dialing assist and voice activated music search are just some of the features available with Sync. 

For a full look visit Syncmyride.com, or just take it from West Herr sales reps and customers.

"The Sync is a great new feature from Ford, you can put all your electronic devices together.  It's safer and more convenient," said Jason Pawlowicz, sales consultant at West Herr Ford in Hamburg.

See the voice dialing function in action at West Herr Ford in Hamburg:


In terms of safety, the 2010 Fusion received high praise across the board.  The 2011 will follow suit and look to provide even more safety options.  Automobile.com said:

For 2010 the Ford Fusion boasted phenomenal safety results, getting five out of five stars for frontal collisions for both driver and passenger and side collisions for the driver in government crash tests.

The full Ford Fusion lineup is become a fully competitive roster of midsize sedans.  With the praise for the 2010 combined with the new features on the 2011, the new Fusions are sure to be well worth the wait. 

For Ford products in the Buffalo area, visit West Herr Ford online or come to either of our locations in Hamburg or Amherst.  We've got these Fusions available right now. 


What a H.U.D. the new Fusion Has!

You have never seen anything like this in a production car. The New Heads Up Display or HUD on the Fusion Hybrid is in a word "futuristic"

In a great article by the pro-grean blog greenupgrader.com they list 5 things to love about the New Ford Fusion Hybrid. Being sort of a gadget freek myself, i have to say the HUD is my favorite.


Ford Fusion Safety Features are Amazing

Ford Fusion Crash and Safety After seeing an article about a woman who crashed her Fusion into a herd of Yellowstone National Park Bison, I thought I would take a closer look at the safety features of the car.

Needless to say I am impressed. Ford got it right on this one. This is possibly one of the safest cars made, especially in its class and price point.

The West Herr Body repair shophas reported similar findings, from customers who survived serious crashes with little harm to the occupants of the car.

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