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Ford Fusion Looks To Retain Car of The Year Title

Ford's New Features Look To Maintain High Standards Set by 2010 Fusion

The Ford Fusion was named 2010 car of the year by Motortrend.  The 2011 Fusions will hit showrooms in late fall early/winter and Ford is looking to raise the bar set by the last model while also improving on what worked in the first place. 

The economically friendly display on the Ford Fusion

Motortrend called the 2010 Fusion "an economical midsize sedan that doesn't cost much, yet won't bore you to tears."  It certainly wont.  The Fusion Hybrid model earned praise for more than just fuel economy. 

Aside from it's 41-mpg fuel rating, the Fusion offers other features that set it apart from other hybrids, specifically the display options that will actually show users how they can improve their fuel efficiency.  

The SmartGauge with EcoGuide dual LCD cluster has taken the notion of hybrid driver interfaces to a new level. If you choose, a function named Empower will train you to drive more economically, by the adding or taking away green-leaf icons on the display. It's fun and intuitive, and information such as the state of the batteries' charge and current fuel mileage is displayed in an easy-to-read, attractive way.

In terms of safety, the Fusion excels as well, aside from the standard features, Ford is offering safety add ons that helped Fusion win the 2010 car of the year award.  Customers can order a rearview camera system, as well as a Blind Spot Information System that warns you when another vehicle is hiding in your blind spot. 

The 2011 Fusions will not see any drastic changes, but Ford certainly will look to make improvements.  Automobile.com recently offered a quick preview saying:

The exterior was given a nicer look, while the interior, which has always been spacious, was given some ergonomic improvements and the addition of the Ford Sync system. 

The Sync system is a new feature available through Ford only. It allows users to use their voice to control multiple devices including phones and ipods.  Hands free calling, 911 dialing assist and voice activated music search are just some of the features available with Sync. 

For a full look visit Syncmyride.com, or just take it from West Herr sales reps and customers.

"The Sync is a great new feature from Ford, you can put all your electronic devices together.  It's safer and more convenient," said Jason Pawlowicz, sales consultant at West Herr Ford in Hamburg.

See the voice dialing function in action at West Herr Ford in Hamburg:


In terms of safety, the 2010 Fusion received high praise across the board.  The 2011 will follow suit and look to provide even more safety options.  Automobile.com said:

For 2010 the Ford Fusion boasted phenomenal safety results, getting five out of five stars for frontal collisions for both driver and passenger and side collisions for the driver in government crash tests.

The full Ford Fusion lineup is become a fully competitive roster of midsize sedans.  With the praise for the 2010 combined with the new features on the 2011, the new Fusions are sure to be well worth the wait. 

For Ford products in the Buffalo area, visit West Herr Ford online or come to either of our locations in Hamburg or Amherst.  We've got these Fusions available right now. 


Ford's New Consumer Approach Boosting Sales

Interaction and Engagement Translating Into Customer Loyalty

This isn't your father's Ford Motor Company.

Ford's new Fiesta Project campaign shows they're taking a youthful, digital media driven approach with their newest Fiesta models.  The Fiesta Project gave cameras to consumers and allowed them to shoot their own experiences with the car.  See the link below for an example. 

In addition to inventive marketing, Ford is also benefiting from a fresh lineup of new, fuel-efficient, high-quality vehicles that deliver industry-leading levels of safety as well as smart design and value.

Ford continued to post strong sales and market share gains in May, with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers delivering 192,253 new vehicles in May – a 23 percent increase versus a year ago. It marks the sixth month in a row Ford sales have increased more than 20 percent. Year-to-date sales totaled 783,845, up 31 percent.

“Our laser focus on fuel efficiency and quality is paying off for our customers and for Ford,”
said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing Sales and Service.

“Our customers are rewarded because Ford resale values continue to increase at a rate higher than the overall industry – and they are rewarding us with increased purchase consideration, ” he continued.

Once again, sales were higher throughout Ford’s lineup in May – continuing a trend that began in December. Trucks paced the year-to-year results with a sales increase of 48 percent, while cars were up 9 percent, and utilities were up 18 percent. Year-to-date, car sales were up 29 percent, utilities were up 30 percent, and trucks were up 34 percent.

“Our results reflect Ford’s balanced portfolio of products,” said Czubay. “Our goal is to offer customers class-leading fuel efficiency, quality, safety, smart design and value in every product and category.

In addition, Ford is offering a customizable options through a new website aptly titled www.fordcustomgraphics.com

Essentially, customers choose their vehicle then pick from an array of colors and designs to add on. They can sample how it looks on the vehicle before making any major decisions.  Approximately 50 designs were created specifically for each vehicle. All are available in a variety of colors and sizes and were designed with the target customer in mind.

"Ford knows that customers want a vehicle to be all their own,” said Jim Abraham, Ford’s Licensed Accessories manager. “The Ford Custom Graphics website complements our strong accessory portfolio and enables customers to put a personal stamp on their vehicle.”

To experience all the exiciting things going on with Ford in the Buffalo area, visit West Herr Ford in Hamburg or Amherst today.  Or just visit us online. 


Going Places With The Ford Fiesta

Fresh Ad Campaign and Appearances See Ford Marketing to New Audiences

The Ford Fiesta is just everywhere these days. Aside from becoming a YouTube sensation with their creative new "Fiesta Movement" ad campaign, the car will also have a presence at multiple music festivals this summer.  Ford says the car will be more than just eye candy; it will be an integral part of the experience.

“The whole experience is designed to give people an opportunity to enjoy the concerts and have fun with us,” said Jeff Eggen, Ford’s Car Experiential Marketing Manager. “At the same time, they can learn about Fiesta and the innovative things that Ford is doing.” 

Eggen also noted that Ford is marketing the Fiesta specifically toward music fans and hopes to connect with them using similar engagement methods utilized with the Fiesta Movement project.  Ford used social media and consumer submissions to help spread word about their new car.  See the above video  for an example. 

To learn more about the Fiesta Movement, visit their website here.

The Fiesta just made a hometown appearance at the 10th annual Detroit Electronic Music Festival this past weekend.  Three local Detroit artists were on-site creating Fiesta-inspired artand even painted onto Fiestas during the course of the three-day festival. The artists included a graffiti artist, a textile artist and a tattoo artist. 

In the true grass roots spirit of music, Ford will also host the "Fiesta Garage" at Bonaroo, one of the largest annual music festivals in America.  The Fiesta garage promised to be a a comfortable gathering place decorated in late-’70s chic style.  Ford wants to provie a place for concertgoers to enjoy live musical performances, hear from Bonnaroo artists on how to write music, watch entertaining Fiesta videos and design custom T-shirts.

“The Fiesta Garage experience is a perfect fit for Bonnaroo because a garage is not only a place where a car lives, it’s a place where young band members and their friends practice and hang out,” said Eggen.

The Bonaroo Music and Arts Festival takes place in Manchester, TN from June 10-13. 

For a look at new Ford Vehicles in Buffalo, visit West Herr online or come by a dealership today.  With Ford locations in Hamburg and Amherst, we're proud to be your Western New York Ford dealer. 


How Women Can Boost The Auto Indsutry

Research Says The Female Demographic Holds Key To Car Sales

Women are flocking back to auto showrooms, and car dealers couldn't be happier.  A recent article by CNW Research shows that women could help provide big numbers in the auto industry. 

"If the first quarter of 2010 is an indication, women are returning to the new-car market and improving the chances for the industry to surpass a 12.25 million sales year," explained Art Spinella, president of CNW Research.

In 2009, during he height of the recession, women made up 32% of showroom traffic.  In 2006 that number was up to 45%.  Early 2010 numbers show that women are close to 45% again. If this trend continues, then the auto industry can expect numbers to rise.

Manufacturer deals made March a strong month.  In particular, Toyota, Ford and GM were the big winners according to a recent US News and World Report article.  Their aggressive financing offers are credited for the success. 

Locally, the West Herr Auto group is experiencing record numbers in 2010.  March was one of the best months in the group's history and April is already off to a big start.  The manufacturer deals and the spring season are considered part of the factors for high sales in the Buffalo area.

"March was just a monster month for us overall," said Pete Small, West Herr's advertising director. 

As with any car buyer, safety is an issue.  CNW's research shows that women value more practical qualities in a car while tend to value more stylistic attributes.  CNW says that more women are looking more at fuel economy, something that many Toyota and Ford models are known for. 

"The manufacturer incentives are really driving our numbers," Small said.  "We are seeing a higher percentage of women in our showrooms, but clearly our traffic is increased overall."

Between manufacturer deals and the rise in the female demographic, auto dealers everywhere have reason to be happy. 



Save Money With Help From Your Buffalo Car Dealer

Understanding Car Maintenance Myths Can Be Good For Your Wallet

We know saving money is high on everyone's agenda.  When it comes to car maintenance, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep cash in your pocket. 

We've all heard old adages about cars such as "buying premium gas is better for your car."  Not true. Unless your vehicle is specifically tailored to take advantage of the higher octane level in the fuel, it's simply a waste of your money  Your best bet is to put in whatever fuel is reccomended in your car's owners manual.  With current gas prices you can save over $150 per year by purchasing unleaded gas instead of premium.

With some help from the Ford Motor Company, West Herr is debunking other car maintenance myths to help Western New Yorkers spend their money elsewhere. 

MYTH: You need to let your vehicle engine warm up in cold weather.

Not true.  Since the engine warms up while you drive, you really only need about 10 seconds of warm up time.  Running your car any longer is just a waste of gas and, in turn, your money.  If you can brave the cold, dont run your car any longer than needed.  By not idling for too long in the morning, you could save more than a gallon a month – $32 a year or $416 over the life of the vehicle.

MYTH: Buy gas in the morning and you’ll save money.

This popular adage is also a misnomer.  The old adage said filling up in the morning would give you more for your money because the gas is the coolest and most dense.  The only benefit to filling up when it’s cooler is that it cuts down the release of vapors, which is better for the environment. 

MYTH: The number listed on the sidewall of your tire is the recommended tire pressure.

False as well.  Typically, this is the maximum pressure allowed for that tire.  The recommended amount of pressure is usually listed on the inside door panel, always check your owner’s manual to be sure.



Great Time To Be A Buffalo Ford Dealer 

Ford To Add New Jobs, Invest In Fuel Efficiency

West Herr is proud and excited to be a Buffalo Ford Dealer with a recent announcement about job expansion and new products from the company. 

The Ford Motor Company announced Friday they will invest $155 million and add 60 jobs to their Engine Plant No.1 in Cleveland, OH.  The jobs will focus on building a new V-6 engine for the 2011 Mustang, which is expected to lead its class in highway fuel efficiency with 30 miles per gallon on the highway and 305 horsepower.

“Ford is absolutely committed to delivering class-leading fuel efficiency with every new vehicle we introduce, and this investment in Cleveland provides further proof,” said Bill Russo, director of manufacturing for Ford’s powertrain operations.

This endeavor will represent two-thirds of Mustang's overall volume in 2010.  The 2011 Mustang is just one example of Ford’s industry leading committment to fuel economy.  The Environmental Protection Agency reports that Ford’s combined car and truck fuel economy has improved nearly 20 percent since 2004 – almost double the next closest competitor. 

In addition, the investment represents Ford's overall committment to Cleveland Engine Plant No.1, a long standing staple for the company.  Opened in 1951 as the first Ford plant in Ohio, the facility has produced over 35 million engines.  

"This facility represents the future of advanced manufacturing in North America,” Russo said. 

The West Herr Auto Group is excited to bring the 2011 Mustang to the greater Buffalo area this spring.  For a list of dealerships, visit West Herr online today. 




F150, Tundra and Ridgeline Number 1 Trucks by JD Power.

2009 F150 1st Place in JD Power StudyJD Power and Associates have ranked both the 2009 Ford F-150 and 2009 Toyota Tundra as the number one trucks based on initial quality.

2009 Totyota Tundra Ties for 1st place in studyThe trucks tied for first place in a new owner survey. Ford Group Vice President, Bennie Fowler commented "“Back in the design phase we were already thinking about quality,” Fowler said. “We did a series of virtual prove-outs [in computers] that simulated bringing the F-150 out of design and into production on the assembly line”.

2009 Honda Ridgeline number 1 in midsize trucks.The 2009 Honda Ridgeline took the Midsize pickup truck category.

The 2009 study covers a total of 228 total problems, and organizes them into the following eight categories:

  • Exterior
  • The Driving Experience
  • Features/Controls/Displays
  • Audio/Entertainment/Navigation
  • Seats
  • HVAC, or Climate Controls
  • Interior
  • Engine/Transmission

The vehicles with the lowest number of problems per 100 as reported by their owners, wins.




West Herr sells the most #1 cars on J.D. Powers Study

West Herr Has most #1 cars acording to J.D. Powers Study. Most are in stock and available for express delivery.

"Vehicles we carry are highlighted in yellowThe initial quality of vehicles has continued to improve, according to the 2009 Initial Quality Study by J. D. Power & Associates that was released last week. In fact, it improved 8 percent when compared with 2008, with Toyota models topping this year’s study.

The study, which grades automakers on the number of problems per 100 vehicles, found that the industry average for all vehicles was 108 problems per 100 vehicles, down from 118 in 2008."

Source NY Times



What a H.U.D. the new Fusion Has!

You have never seen anything like this in a production car. The New Heads Up Display or HUD on the Fusion Hybrid is in a word "futuristic"

In a great article by the pro-grean blog greenupgrader.com they list 5 things to love about the New Ford Fusion Hybrid. Being sort of a gadget freek myself, i have to say the HUD is my favorite.

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