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Americans Still Love Trucks 

With Truck Sales On The Rise, See Which One Best Fits You

Truck fan rejoice, truck sales were up in the US 28% last month while car sales were up 7%.  Truck lovers are a loyal bunch for sure.

"It's going to be a great year for pickup trucks," says Jesse Toprak, vice president of industry trends and insights at TrueCar.com, an auto industry analysis firm. He says efficient engines, lower gas prices and increasingly luxurious trimmings inside pickups have helped make trucks among the strongest segments in the U.S.  

For those considering a truck, we're here to go over the top sellers so you can figure out which is best for your needs.

The Honda Ridgeline

As Forbes.com said "a truly tough truck combines reliability, durability, safety and strength. The $28,900 Ridgeline from Honda does just that." While some buyers convinced they need more brawn are put off by its 1,546-pound payload and 5,000-pound towing capacity, almost no other trucks can match the Ridgeline's perfect dependability and reliability scores.  

The Ford F-150

The F-150 has been a truck staple for years. The classic American truck, it gets exemplary marks from Consumer Reports for secure handling and braking, and for its "impressive" crash-test results. It also receives high marks for rugged options like extendable side steps, a tailgate ladder and a tailgate assist.

The Chevy Silverado

This beauty was already voted the Truck of the Year by Motortend.  Along with its GMC Sierra twin, the Silverado receives high marks from Consumer Reports for above-average reliability and its "well-rounded" nature.  Part of that versatility is because of its durable V8 engine (up to 403 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque), hefty payloads (1,980 pounds for the crew cab) and a wide variety of body styles, powertrains and trim levels. It is also known for its longevity.

So there you have it.  We've go all these trucks so why not visit West Herr and take one out?  


Power AND Fuel Economy: Together At Last 

Ford F150 Eco Boost Offers Truck Fans Fuel Saving Capabilities 

Most truck owners need towing power, but a powerful truck is often associated with high fuel usage.  Not anymore.  The new Ford F150 features an EcoBoost engine that will boost fuel economy by 20% from the last model.  

"Customers have embraced the EcoBoost solution of delivering the power they desire with the fuel economy they demand in a no-compromise package,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. “The EcoBoost truck engine for the 2011 F-150 will deliver those attributes and has been specially tuned and tested to deliver the best-in-class towing and capability our truck customers demand.”

An EcoBoost-ed F-150 will have an 11,300-pound maximum trailer tow capacity -- that matches the figure for trucks with the 6.2-liter engine.

Payload capacity is best-in-class, Ford claims, at 3060 pounds. The engine's efficiency is supplemented by a new electronic power steering system and a six-speed automatic across the F-150 lineup

The key technology built into every EcoBoost engine, including turbocharging and direct fuel injection, is particularly relevant to customers of the 3.5-liter EcoBoost truck engine.

“Truck customers should think of the EcoBoost truck engine as a gas-powered engine with diesel-type capability and characteristics,” said Jim Mazuchowski, V6 engines program manager. 

The EcoBoost F150 is available to test drive at West Herr Ford of Hamburg today and will be available to buy soon.  Stay tuned to our blog for all the details.  


Ford Bringing The F150 To Your Doorstep

Automaker Offering Home Test Drives For 2011 F150 Models

Ford is willing to come to you.  One-on-one test drives will be held throughout the country from mid-November through end of January. Ford will go to a customer’s home, workplace or a convenient community location for the test drive.  

“The F-150 with EcoBoost offers the best combination of capability, power and efficiency in the segment, and to prove that, we want to give as many customers as possible the opportunity to drive it before it’s even available at their local Ford dealership,” said Marc Lapine, F-150 Consumer Marketing manager.

The test drives are also for a good cause.  For every test drive conducted, Ford will donate $10 to the customer’s choice of two charities: the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or Future Farmers of America.

The test drives will definitely be in Buffalo too.  

David Jemiolo, who tows a 27-foot camper for recreation, will take a test drive when the tour stops at his home in Niagara Falls, New York, later this month.  He spoke to Ford directly on the subject.  

“I’m really excited to drive the new F-150 with the new EcoBoost engine,” he said. “I understand it has electric power steering. I’m eager to see how that feels and how the truck handles overall.”

Ford is touting this EcoBoost engine as being just as powerful as a V-8, with its 365 horsepower, up to 11,300 pounds of trailer tow capacity and up to 3,060 pounds of payload capacity.

To schedule a test drive visit www.drivef150ecoboost.com.


F150, Tundra and Ridgeline Number 1 Trucks by JD Power.

2009 F150 1st Place in JD Power StudyJD Power and Associates have ranked both the 2009 Ford F-150 and 2009 Toyota Tundra as the number one trucks based on initial quality.

2009 Totyota Tundra Ties for 1st place in studyThe trucks tied for first place in a new owner survey. Ford Group Vice President, Bennie Fowler commented "“Back in the design phase we were already thinking about quality,” Fowler said. “We did a series of virtual prove-outs [in computers] that simulated bringing the F-150 out of design and into production on the assembly line”.

2009 Honda Ridgeline number 1 in midsize trucks.The 2009 Honda Ridgeline took the Midsize pickup truck category.

The 2009 study covers a total of 228 total problems, and organizes them into the following eight categories:

  • Exterior
  • The Driving Experience
  • Features/Controls/Displays
  • Audio/Entertainment/Navigation
  • Seats
  • HVAC, or Climate Controls
  • Interior
  • Engine/Transmission

The vehicles with the lowest number of problems per 100 as reported by their owners, wins.




West Herr sells the most #1 cars on J.D. Powers Study

West Herr Has most #1 cars acording to J.D. Powers Study. Most are in stock and available for express delivery.

"Vehicles we carry are highlighted in yellowThe initial quality of vehicles has continued to improve, according to the 2009 Initial Quality Study by J. D. Power & Associates that was released last week. In fact, it improved 8 percent when compared with 2008, with Toyota models topping this year’s study.

The study, which grades automakers on the number of problems per 100 vehicles, found that the industry average for all vehicles was 108 problems per 100 vehicles, down from 118 in 2008."

Source NY Times