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Low-Tech Solutions For Your High-Tech Car 

5 "Old Fashioned" Items To Better Your Ride

It's obvious that cars are becoming more technology friendly each year, as are the people who drive the cars.  However, with all the advancements available, sometimes a good old fashioned accessory is best. 

In that vein we present to you, with some help from our friends at CNet, 5 "Low Tech" items that will help your auto experience.

1.  Flashlight

Seems basic, but plenty of people travel without some sort of lighting device.  If you have to change a tire in the dark or anything of that nature, you'll be happy to have a light in your car.  You can go old school, or upgrade to something like the Joby Gorilla Torch Blade: an LED flashlight with flexible legs to place anywhere.  Thanks to CNet for the product recommendation.  

2.  Universal Phone Cradle 

We certainly don't condone smartphone use while driving, but we know it's going to happen. So when you need instant directions, pop your smartphone into cradle and keep yourself safe (or at least safer) when you navigate. Obviously the best practice here to have a passenger handle this for you.   

3.  Jumper Cables

Seemingly obvious, but it doesn't hurt to drive this point home.  You can go basic, but newer sets can include circuitry to help you prevent dangerous misconnections and shorts.  So whichever you choose, be sure you have them!

4.  Portable Jump Starters

Jumper cables obviously require two cars to tango.  So when that isn't an option, portable jump starters are the way to go.  They're more expensive than jumper cables, but it's tough to put a price on bailing yourself out of a jam.  Restart your own dead battery with this handy device.  

5.  Tire Pressure Gauges

Proper tire pressure can affect performance, fuel economy and most importantly safety.  So a good pressure gauge is essential.  You can go digital but an old style one will do just fine too.  

Anything we missed?  Let us know.  Be safe out there!