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The Ultimate Speaker Mix

Ford Employs Eclectic Playlist To Perfect Sound Systems

So everyone has their own idea of what a "cool" job is.  Universally, we can all agree that listening to music and testing out speaker equipment has to be one of the cooler jobs out there, right?  

Ford has a team dedicated to this and they recently revealed a little bit about the process of testing the acoustics for the new B-Max.  

What's cool to music junkies or even part time music fans is learning about what artists and songs they used to craft the perfect acoustics.  

Ford reported one of the most eclectic line ups ever put together for testing.  The artists they list include Radiohead, The Eagles, Coltrane, the Black Eyed Peas (for bass purposes), and even Vivaldi.  That's probably the only time you'll see The Black Eyed Peas and Vivaldi together again.  

 “The human ear can detect subtle differences in the sound and you can’t beat simply listening to the system for that final tuning. The tracks we use really help identify what needs tuning," said Matthias Terstegge, an engineer on the product.  

What's also great is that  Matthias Terstegge is a musician and sound engineer by trade. Shows a real committment to authenticity that Ford would hire him.  

The team had to listen to the tracks they used over 1000 times just to get the sound right.  It's a safe bet they'll never listen to those songs again.  

The B-Max will feature a Sony Audio system with a 4 x 25 amplifier.  For the newest Ford vehicles in Buffalo, visit West Herr Ford in Hamburg or Amherst.  


Goodbye Car CD Players?

Car Sites Predicting The End Of CD Car Players By 2015

First we watched the decline of the CD, next up could be the car CD player.  Technology's pace can be astounding at times, can't it? 

Auto site The Car Connection predicts that the car CD player could be phased out as early as 2015.  

Ford recently announced that it will stop selling multi-CD changers, and it’s believed that they will ultimately discontinue offering single-CD players. Other auto manufacturers are expected to do the same.  

We all know that CD sales are plummeting, but here are the numbers to back it up.  Sales of digital downloads will pass CD sales in 2012, according to a study from Strategy Analytics’ Digital Media Strategies service. The report states that although sales of recorded music are declining overall, sales of downloaded music are growing, while CD sales are expected to drop even further. 

"The future of in-car music seems clear. With the advent of portable players with huge storage capacity, the in-car CD player’s days are numbered," said The Car Connection's Marty Padgett.  

Auto In The Know makes a good point by saying "In addition to saving money, removing CD players from the car’s dashboard will allow manufacturers to free up valuable space to make way for larger LCD screens and a host of connections for portable digital music players and cell phones. Instead of having to provide devices for playing music, drivers would plug in their own portable device."

Plus, less of a hassle while driving too.  Switching CDs mid drive is obviously a risky move.  

So what do you think?  Are you ok with this change or would you still want the option of a CD players in your car?