Saturn Owners are Thrilled with New Service Center in Orchard Park NY

As word spread that West Herr is opening a special service area for our southtowns Saturn owners, the phone began to ring with positive feedback and of course, questions. “...I cannot thank you enough for telling us what's going on, it’s nice to see that West Herr is looking out for us....” said a Saturn Vue owner in response to our announcement.

Here are some of the questions that our Saturn customers asked:

Q. Where can I read about the announcement?
A. We have the original press release on our blog, click here to read.

Q. I heard you sent a letter to Saturn customers, I moved so I did not get one, is it on-line somewhere?
A. Of Course, simply click this link to read it.

Q. Can I still go to your Saturn of Clarence location for warranty work?
A. YES, our Saturn of Clarence Resale Center North remains available for the foreseeable future. At some point later in the year Saturn Corporate will identify a GM facility close by, where you can have warranty work performed. All maintenance and extended service contract work can be done at any of our West Herr Locations.

Q. I leased by Saturn, what I do when my lease expires?
A. We will be contacting you as your lease expiration date gets closer, either by your sales consultant or by the lease team at West Herr. They will have instructions as to how the process works. All of our GM locations are authorized to handle the lease termination including, Saturn of Clarence Resale Center North, East Aurora Buick GMC Cadillac, West Herr Chevrolet Hamburg and West Herr Chevrolet Orchard Park.

Q. Will my Warranty be still honored by GM?
A. Yes, General Motors will honor your warranty for the full term and mileage found in your owner's manual and warranty guide.

Q. “If I need an oil change or maintenance work, where should I go?”
A. Any West Herr location can handle your maintenance work. Saturn of Clarence Resale Center North or West Herr Chevrolet Orchard Park has the specialized Saturn equipment and parts for your warranty repairs.

Q. I bought an extended service contract, where do I go for service?
A. The most convenient choice is Saturn of Clarence Resale Center North or West Herr Chevy in Orchard Park, because of technician expertise on Saturn vehicles and the availability of parts. You may however go to any West Herr service center for extended service contract work.

Overview of new Saturn Service Location (click photo to enlarge)Q. Where is West Herr Chevrolet Orchard Park?
A. Just 2 buildings south on Southwestern, see the map attached. Click here for driving directions.

Q. When I go to the Chevy location, do I need to do anything special or see someone special?
A. Just like at Saturn of Orchard Park, you pull up to the overhead door entrance at Chevrolet Orchard Park, toot your horn and we will let you in. Once inside you will be welcomed to your new service location.

Q. If I need Saturn Parts where should I go?
A. West Herr Chevrolet Orchard Park and Saturn of Clarence Resale Center North has the largest Saturn parts inventory in New York State. They can ship any part to your home, business or to another West Herr facility.

Q. If my Saturn needs Body Work, where should I go?
A. Any of our 4 Collision Centers www.westherrcollision.com for details.


West Herr's North Town Toyota Dealer is setting sales records

With Low Lease Payments, West Herr Toyota is Selling More than ever.

West Herr's Newest North Town LocationBefore we opened our new North Town Toyota dealership in Williamsville NY we were amazed by how many customers were driving all the way to our South town location on Southwestern Blvd. So when the opportunity come up to purchase Culligan Toyota on Main St. in Williamsville, West Herr knew it would be great for our north town customers.

Since then we have moved into a brand new building adjacent, and have increased the Toyota inventory. Even in the winter, we have been setting sales and leasing records, thanks to the inexpensive leasing programson Toyota's right now.

"From the moment you walk in our front door, we will notice that this is not a typical Buffalo Toyota Dealership. You will see smiling faces, experiencekind treatment and most important, receive an amazing price." Said Beth Hollis, General Manager at the opening event seen on Channel 4 news in December.

So if you are in the area of Main and Transit, stop in and see our Newest Toyota Dealer in the North Towns, West Herr Toyota of Williamsville. See short video about this West Herr location



2010 Motor Trend Truck of the Year: Dodge Ram Heavy Duty

Despite the effects of the Great Recession on personal-use truck sales, there is still demand for
pickups ready to do hard work. The heavy-duty truck market has gotten smaller, but the guys
who buy those pickups are fiercely loyal to the segment-they need the extreme capability these
hard-working haulers provide. Some may wonder why anyone would own a truck that can tow
nearly 20,000 pounds, but for a lot of people in construction, those who transport vehicles or
goods, and those with ranches, this is just a part of everyday life.
Within the next few months, the heavy-duty category will heat up, as all three manufacturers
have all-new offerings coming. The Ram Heavy Duty is the first to market, and it's already ahead
of the game. When Ford and GM's all-new heavy-dutys come out, both new diesel engines are
going to require urea injection to meet emissions requirements that take effect January 2010. The
Ram Heavy Duty's Cummins inline-six turbo diesel, which puts out an impressive 350
horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, met those requirements -- without urea -- over a year
2010 Dodge RamInstead, the Ram 2500 and 3500 use a NOx adsorber with precious metals that convert the NOx
into inert gases. Not only does this mean the Ram's emissions and exhaust systems are less
complex than those in the upcoming Ford Super Duty and Silverado/Sierra HD (which could
improve reliability and help keep maintenance costs down), it also means that, at the dealership,
the Ram will very likely have a price advantage over its competitors. And while in this size
category diesel is king, there are plenty of heavy-duty truck buyers who prefer gas power. The
5.7-liter Hemi, the Ram's base engine, has the most horsepower (383) and torque (400 poundfeet)
of any V-8 in its class -- and only the Ford Super Duty's V-10 has more torque than the
Hemi, but it still has less horsepower.
Read more by logging onto www.motortrend.com , search “Ram Heavy Duty”

December 10, 2009 / By Allyson Harwood - Motor Trend.


Search West Herr's Dodge Ram Inventory


Auto Leasing Returns to Buffalo in a Big Way.

“What’s My Lease Payment”? Buffalo Customers Are Asking Again.


Buffalo Car Dealers are Leasing AgainWhen the recession began in 2008, leasing a car became harder and harder to do. This left some of our customer looking at different options, such as used cars and less expensive cars, when their lease expired.

Lately we have seen the Car Manufacturers like Toyota, Honda and Ford leasing cars again. As they slowly return to the table with some really inexpensive lease deals, we thought this would be a good time to talk about the benefits of leasing as it compares to buying a car.


What is an Auto Lease?

Auto leasing is based on the concept that you pay for the amount by which a vehicle's value depreciates during the time you're driving it. Depreciation is the difference between a vehicle's original value and its value at lease-end (residual value), and is what determines your lease payment. 

Example: If you look at two cars, both costing $30,000 when new, where one is worth $15,000 after two years and the other worth only $18,000, the second car will cost less to lease it is worth more at the end.

How Do You Know You're Getting a Good Lease Payment?

Every month, car lease specials are advertised with eye-popping low payments to entice buyers to lease their car. Most times these advertised specials represent a genuine good deal but you should know all the facts before you sign that lease contract.

What to Look for When Leasing a Car

  1. What is the lease payment?
    This is how much you will pay each month on your lease.
  2. How Long is the Auto Lease For?
    This is how many months your lease is for.
  3. How Many Miles do I get to drive the Car For?
    in most cases you get 10,000 or 12,000 miles, but if you think you will drive more, you can ask for more miles up-front.
  4. What happens if I go over the miles?
    there is a cents per mile charge, usually 15 cents. If you find yourself getting close, because in some cases it is better to terminate the Lease Early
  5. How much should I put down?
    The more you put down the lower your lease payment will be.
  6. Do I have to pay sales tax?
    Most leases are based on you paying the sales tax up front, but you can include the sales tax in your payment.

I personally have leased many cars and trucks over the past years, and am really excited to see the programs on leasing getting affordable again.

Here are some examples of leases with $1,000 down plus tax, so you can see if leasing is for you.


Buffalo Auto Show Schedule

The 2010 Buffalo Auto Show is scheduled from February 10th through the14th and will attract thousands of New York car enthusiasts.   The West Herr Auto group will be displaying the latest models from their 21 brands of cars for sale in the greater Buffalo area.


Buffalo Auto Show MapThe Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealers Association will once again sponsor the 2010 Buffalo Auto Show.  West Herr Automotive Group is proud to be involved once again as an exhibitor at the annual event.

Car enthusiasts are encouraged to mark their calendars now for the 2010 show schedule; February 10-14th.  Come witness the hottest new models of automobiles before they even hit the showroom floors!  Meet celebrities, bring the kids; there will be lots of fun for the entire family.  Don't miss your chance to one-stop-shop for your next hot rod.

Kevin Leigh, Director of eBusiness at West Herr, commented about the upcoming show “The West Herr Auto Group is very excited about the new show as we will have a chance to display some of the most anticipated cars that include the 2010 Jaguar XF as well as the 2011 Ford Fiesta. “

Buffalo Auto Show Lower FloorplanConsumer looking to attend the 2010 Buffalo Auto Show should know that it is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Buffalo.  The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center offers access to great accommodations, shopping, thriving nightlife, world-class theater and exciting restaurants.

2010 Buffalo Auto Show Floor Plan UpperThe physical address of the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, for the purposes of map requests on the internet, is 153 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202. The shows mailing address is Convention Center Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14202.

West Herr Auto Group is running special Buffalo Auto Show promotions, discounts and incentives.  Check their website at http://westherr.com for the instant savings on all new and used cars in stock with limited time show discounts.


New Videos for our partnership with Kelley Blue Book

West Herr reciently partnered with Kelley Blue Book to help our customers with trade on-line appraisals. As part of the new relationship, KBB asked us to create short videos to promote the brands we sell. These videos will be placed on the KBB Site, and in turn West Herr will use KBB on the West Herr Site to allow customers to get an accurate trade in value for their car.

While there are lots of free services out there, we felt that Kelley Blue Book is the trusted name in 3rd party trade appreaisals. Nothing but the best for our customers.

West Herr will feature its new cars, used inventory and branded videos on the kbb site.

Here are some examples of the brand videos.


Top 10 Reasons to get a West Herr Subaru in January...

By Amanda Westley, West Herr Subaru

10.) Far more luxurious than a snowmobile.

9.) After the holiday festivities..ALL-Wheel-Drive is much more appealing than ALL-you-can-eat.

8.) $10,000 LESS than your neighbors Volvo.

7.) You must drive over the Skyway to get to Sabres games!

6.) You yearn to hear the purr of Subaru's Boxer engine.

5.) We welcome unwanted holiday gifts and goodies in on trade.

4.) Your new Subaru must not have fit in Santa's sleigh :(

3.) You can't see your mailbox through the icy flakes.. but still must make it to work on time.

2.) Your current Subaru has 290,000 miles on it.

1.) Subzero temp, 2 feet of snow, 40 mile an hour winds..making it safely to your destination..PRICELESS

Ready for a new Subaru?
Motor Trend 2010 Sport Utilitey of the year




Please feel free to call me direct 716-866-6435 for more details or to set up a test drive.Happy New Year,
Amanda Westley
West Herr Subaru
716.866.6435 (cell,fastest)
716.662.3565 (store)



West Herr Launches Web Site Directory.

Site Directory WestHerrOnline.comOne of our team asked the other day, “Do we have a specials page?” My response was of course, it’s BuffaloOnSale.net, it’s there so you can show your customers the latest vehicles on sale at West Herr.

Today a new employee asked “where they go to get a list of managers”? So I show her the Who to Contact page on our westherr.com main site.

It came to mind that maybe, I should create a “directory” of sorts for the sites we manage. So today we launched westherronline.com a listing of most of our major sites all in one neat little package.



Driving skills take a turn for the worse when texting

Text and Drive, Bad Idea.Texting among teenagers is not just normal, it is expected. The number one gift to 16 year olds this Christmas was a cell phone. Texting is so important to teens that in a recent study, young people said if given a choice between being allowed to drive or giving up texting, the texting wins. When teens choose to do both at the same time, is when the trouble begins.

As you can imagine, young people's driving skills take a turn for the worse when texting. “While car companies are designing cars to help focus your attention on the road, we are looking at our cell phone keyboards while driving through residential streets.” Says the National Highway and Safety Administration in  a recent study. “Your driving is worst when you are texting, mostly because texting forces you to look down in addition to moving your fingers.”

Not just teenagers are affected. There has been a rash of accidents lately involving the elderly as well, as texting becomes more prominent with the entire population.

So we ask, PLEASE DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.  Pull over, or wait. It may save your life, or the life of a pedestrian or animal.



More Than Snow to Worry About, Deer Related Accidents are on the Rise

DRIVERS BEWARE… the rise in the deer population is causing an increase in deer related automobile accidents. According to Steve Schassler, DEC Region Four director, the current population of deer in New York State has grown to nearly 1,000,000.

1 million population in NYHere are a few basic safety measures to keep you safe and the number of deer related accidents at a minimum.

  • Stay alert in the early morning and evening hours.
  • Slow down… drive with caution.
  • Use high beam headlights to make the deer’s eyes visible.
  • Brake firmly when you notice a deer in the road. DO NOT swerve to avoid hitting the deer. By swerving, you could confuse the deer or lose control of your vehicle and cause additional damage and injury.
  • Wear a seatbelt. Statistics show that most people injured in deer related accidents were not wearing seatbelts.
  • Deer seldom run alone… check for additional deer entering the road.

While state and local wildlife agencies look for ways to control the deer population, protect you and your family by taking extra precaution when traveling on roadways.