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The Mood Sensing Car

Future Toyotas To Adjust Based on Driver's Demeanor

At some point in the future, if you're in a bad mood, your car will know.  Not only that, it wil change it's settings accordingly.  

Toyota is working on a mood sensing technology for cars that will use a camera to identify driver's facial emotions.  The camera will take readings from 238 points on the driver’s face. The multiple readings allow the system to function even if the subject is wearing sunglasses or sporting a beard.

Toyota's research suggests an angry or upset driver is less alert to hazards such as a child stepping out in the road, or stationary traffic ahead. In these circumstances, the system would sound an alert sooner than if the driver was considered to have a neutral expression.

Jonas Ambeck, Toyota's senior manager advanced technology, said: 'The current, basic research should be complete within two to three years, so some of the elements could start to be available in around six years time. For non-vital applications some basic things could be available earlier though."

Ambeck added that the technology could be combined with future mobile phones, and also be used for tasks such as saving power by lighting up the sattellite navigation only when the driver looks at it. 

This is all very interesting but a long way off and does raise some polarizing questions.  However, can't wait to see where it goes.

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