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The Most Connected Cars In Buffalo 

What Cars Appeal To The Internet and Tech Savvy?  

Most of us understand the convenience owning a smartphone offers.  Take that a step further, a connected car can offer the same benefits as a smartphone as you drive.  You can look up a nearby restaurant or get directions without risking distracted driving. 

So with that in mind, here are a few of the most tech-friendly cars in the West Herr fleet.  

Ford Fiesta

Ford's Sync is well known as a great feature for the tech enthusiasts.  Sync AppLink allows you to control a smartphone app through the car's dashboard interface.  Sync AppLink now has multiple apps including NPR news, delivered right to most new Fords.  The ease of use and effective voice control really make Sync worth checking out. 

Toyota Tacoma

You might not always think of a pick up truck when you think of connected cars, but the Toyota Tacoma will change that perception.  The Tacoma comes with Toyota's Sync competitor called Entune, which is also a big player in the car tech game.  The driver just installs the Entune app on their smartphone and it enables such services as Bing, Pandora and OpenTable right in the Tacoma's head unit.  

BMW 328i

First off, BMW has integrated Google search.  Good start.  Then there's BMW's ConnectedDrive App which integrates Facebook, Twitter and Pandora into the car's dashboard.  On top of all that, it was reported today that newer BMW's will come with a 4G hotspot. If you value tech connectivity, BMW should be on your list.  

There you go.  Those are just a few of the connected cars we offer.  At West Herr we are proud to be your Buffalo car dealer.

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