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Green Up Your Drive

A Few Eco Friendly Auto Measures Can Go A Long Way 

So we're a little late for Earth Day, but that's ok.  Eco conscioussness is a year round venture.  Our friends at Onstar shared a few tips on how to make your drive a little greener, and we thought we'd send them your way.  

Not only are these tips helpful for the environment, but they're very friendly to your wallet as well. Without further adieu:

Drive fewer miles

It seems obvious, but we all get caught up in our day to day lives and forget about this one.  Whenever possible, carpool and combine activities into one trip. Also, if you can walk it, then walk.  Onstar users can also receive a bonus for be mileage conscious. 

Maintain Your Vehicle Properly 

Statistics show that a poorly tuned vehicle can pollute significantly more than one that’s well maintained. The main things to check are your engine and transmission, oil life and your tire pressure.  These things can also make car maintenance down the road easier and cheaper.  

Refuel Wisely

When the weather is warm, try to refuel early in the morning or late in the evening. This will reduce the amount of evaporative emissions being pushed out of the tank during the heat of the day, when smog most easily forms. On Ozone Action Days, try not to refuel at all. And never top off your tank beyond the automatic shutoff point.

So there are a few.  Feel free to share any tips you might have in the comments section.

Also dont forget West Herr has a huge selection of fuel efficient vehicles.  Just click here for cars that get over 30 MPG in Buffalo!  

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