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The Cure For Traffic Congestion

New Honda Technology Could Reduce Stop-And-Go Traffic

So let's be honest, even if we love traveling or just driving, no one likes ending up in stop-and-go traffic. Well, it looks like Honda is working on a new driver alert system that could help drivers reduce it or, hopefully avoid it all together.  

Honda researchers are working with the University of Tokyo to develop a system, known as Adaptive Cruise Control, which detects potential traffic patterns and helps drivers adjust to avoid the creation of stop-and-go traffic.

As we know, if one person applies the brakes on a crowded thruway, it will cause a chain reaction.  The Honda system would, hypothetically, alert the driver and coach the driver to give themselves distance from the driver and reduce their speed.  This would then prevent other drivers from hitting the brakes and could keep traffic moving.

It's ambitious, but as a driver you have to be intrigued.  Here's where it benefits you:

"Test results have demonstrated that such a system could increase the average driving speed by approximately 23%. In addition to saving time, the technology can also save drivers gas money. By eliminating the need to start and stop during traffic, the technology improves fuel consumption by approximately 8%," CNet reported.  

For vehicles equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, the traffic feature could theoretically be connected to a cloud-based system to sync vehicles with each other. Very cool.

So while this technology is still a bit in the future, it's good to know of nonetheless.  In the mean time, to check out Hondas in the Buffalo area, visit West Herr Honda on South Transit Road in Lockport! 

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