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The Summer of Saving Gas

Easy Ways To Save Money At The Pump 

Summer's just about here, and that means time for road trips.  No matter what the gas prices are, we all like to save money whenever we have the chance.  

To do so, we recommend a few tips to keep your gas usage down, along with your costs.  As Popular Mechanics pointed out:  "For every penny that gas prices go up, Americans spend $1.25 billion more per year at the pump."  Yeesh.

THE WARMEST ENGINES ARE THE MOST EFFICIENT-  So this means group your errands and travels together, and drive to the farthest destination first.  

OPEN THE WINDOWS INSTEAD OF USING A/C- When you're driving under 60 MPH.  Any faster and the open windows could create a drag.  So over 60 MPH, go for the air conditioning.  

PRACTICE PROPER TIRE INFLATION- Also be sure to check them for uneven wear, which works against you. Stickier, wider performance tires also increase road friction and sap mileage.

CLEAN OUT YOUR TRUNK- Pretty simple but effective hear:  less weight equates to better gas mileage. 

AVOID HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS IF POSSIBLE Not always an option but take it if you can.  Driving at speed saves more gas than moving along slowly in a low gear, if you're a stick driver.  

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