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A Window To The World


When I was a kid stuck in the backseat for a long drive, the only entertainment option was the window.

But today, things are a little different. DVD players aren’t uncommon for instance, which changes things.

Toyota is thinking of turning kids back to the window, however, with their “Window to the World” project. The idea is to take the old activity of looking out the window and make it both interactive and exploratory by turning the piece of glass into something like an iPhone screen.

ToyotaNation.com describes a number of possible activities that “Window to the World” would make available to kids looking out the window:

“Aspiring toddler creatives can draw on the car window as a canvas, building off what they see outside and watch their drawings shift as the scenery changes. They can also interact with specific objects: for example, they can zoom in to something distant, plot distances to landmarks, even translate objects and landmarks into another language. At night, the panoramic roof displays constellations and star maps.”

To get an idea of what the finished project might look like, you can watch a video of a child interacting with the window here.

Though “Window to the World” probably isn’t going to make it to the market in the near future, it is a cool idea and it will probably be here sooner than you think.  We can't wait to see it.  

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