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Safe AND Tech Savvy- That's What Ford Does 

Ford's Inflatable Seatbelt Named "Best New Technology"

It's been well documented that Ford "gets" new media, marketing and technology.  They also make quality cars AND are innovative safety technology.  Thats why their inflatable rear seatbelt was named the "Best New Technology" by AJAC this week.  

Ford’s rear inflatable seat belt functions like a standard seat belt in normal everyday use. The vehicle’s crash sensing system determines when the inflatable belt should deploy.  

The unique inflatable rear belts spread impact forces across more than five times the area than conventional seat belts, reducing pressure on the chest while helping to control head and neck motion.

"Safety is a key priority at Ford and we are honoured to win this year's 'Best New Technology' award for our industry-first rear inflatable seat belts," said David Mondragon, president and CEO, Ford of Canada. "Available initially on our all-new 2011 Ford Explorer, the rear inflatable seat belts work by spreading impact forces over five times more area than conventional seat belts."

What will Ford think of next?  Time will tell.  Until then, swing by a West Herr Ford location and check out the inflatable seatbelt, Ford SYNC, and other great products.  

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