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100 Years of Chevy!

American Staple Celebrates A Century

Through all the craziness that's happened over the last 100 years, one thing has remained constant: quality Chevrolet automobiles.  

Chevy is top-selling auto brand of all time.

"The American car from the mid-1930s to the end of the `60s was a Chevrolet," said John Heitmann, an automotive history professor at the University of Dayton and author of a book about the automobile's impact on American life. "It was the car of the aspiring American lower and middle classes for a long period."

On the way to selling more than 204 million cars and trucks, Chevy invented the sport utility vehicle and an electric car with a generator on board to keep it going when the batteries die.  

"Because of its design, it really woke up the culture," said Jim Mattison, a Chevrolet sales executive in the 1960s who often speaks about the brand's history.

Plus who doesn't remember the famous "Like A Rock" ads?  

Most recently, the Chevy Cruze was the highest selling compact car in America.  

At West Herr, we are proud to have 2 Chevrolet dealerships and can say with certainty that we love selling the brand.  Congratulations to Chevy and we wish them many more anniversaries!  

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