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Tech Savvy Cars That Won't Break The Bank

The Marriage of Tech-Savvy and Cost-Efficiency

So you're into technology, but you're also into saving money.  Sounds like most of us can relate to that.  With all the amazing new in-car technology coming out, who wouldn't want in on that action?  

Luckily, with a little help from our friends at Cnet, we have a list that allows you to have the best of both worlds.  All these cars have a few things in common:  for one they do not have navigation but they are smartphone friendly.  Second they all include a USB port and blue tooth support.  

So with that we present 3 tech friendly cars that work on a budget.  

Chevy Cruze 

We've covered the Cruze extensively, and there's a reason why.  It may not have in car navigation, but that's ok.  The Cruze is equipped with Onstar and directions are downloaded to the car and show up on the main display.  Throw in bluetooth streaming audio and combine it all with the price tag, and you have yourself quite a deal.  

Ford Fiesta Sedan

Ford Sync. That's all you need to know about this one.  Cnet said, "The voice command is truly excellent, letting you request music playback by name, or saying the name of a contact and having the car dial the associated telephone number."  Sweet right?  So with all that, Ford recently added Pandora integration.  From the tech side, that is pretty tough to top.  

Scion IQ

Pandora integration is available on the IQ as well.  Cnet specifically praised Scion's attention to detail on the Ipod integration.  Plus they offer two different upgrades for the head unit.  Plus with high fuel economy and a fresh design, it's bound to turn some heads.  

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